Hiring Infinicom telemarketing call centre can provide many benefits to your business. Here are nine advantages of using Infinicom

1. Focus on Core Competencies
Outsourcing puts a difficult and disruptive business function in the hands of a professional agency. This allows you to focus on your core business and grow the top line.

2. Expanded Hours
Staffing an internal call centre is very difficult and expensive. Reaching your customers early in the morning or late in the evening in certain time zones can be almost impossible. However, Infinicom typically operate on extended hours already. Therefore, hiring Infinicom will allow you to quickly and easily reach your customers at the best time and increase your revenue!

3. Improve Technology
Are you tired of making massive investments in technology to manage your internal call centre operation? Thankfully, Infinicom has already made the investment! Outsourced telemarketing is a great way to utilize technology more efficiently and stay on the cutting edge!

4. Minimize Capital Investments
Internal telemarketing operations require significant upfront capital investments in equipment & facilities in order to make the first sale. Why write a HUGE cheque when you can simply sign a contract with Infinicom that has already invested in the best equipment & technology? Outsourcing your phone sales will improve your cash flow immediately!

5. Telemarketing Experts
No need to reinvent the wheel, when Infinicom brings proven processes and experienced management to work for you instantly.

6. Reduce Fixed Costs
Operating expenses of an internal call centre can stack up quickly. Dedicated technology, facilities, management, and agents are very expensive, and adjustments (either up or down) can be painful. Using Infinicom reduces fixed costs while providing much improved flexibility.

7. Increased Performance
Outsourcing your telemarketing operations to Infinicom can dramatically improve your sales or lead generation performance. Luckily, our telemarketing agency has the best sales agents & systems in place already. Hire Infinicom and your revenue could start to soar immediately.

8. Improve Efficiency & Productivity of Internal Staff
Your company has some great, highly trained employees. But, are you getting the most value from every hour? Hiring Infinicom will allow your internal team to focus on high value or high impact activity.

9. Instant Access to Specialized Skills
Hiring highly skilled employees for your internal operations can be very frustrating and expensive. However, hiring Infinicom for domestic or international marketing will allow you to immediately tap into an impressive talent pool.